Fireplace Remodeling Ideas

You may want your fireplace to remodel so that it looks more attractive and keep the balance and maintenance of your room temperature.

fireplace remodeling ideas

The purpose of this article is to give you ideas of remodeling if you are planning to improve the look of your fireplace but you don’t know the idea, here are few top ideas you can go with below.

Rustic Stone Fireplace

For properly insulating rustic stone fireplace, sledge the bricks out one by one. After that, remove the fireplace insert and gas logs and took out the inside and outside of wall to properly insulate it.

For making the opening larger move the header. For giving a nicer look for fashion insert a dome to form the drywall just like dome shaped if you don’t want a square shaped. For installing a stove you will need a larger space to generate more heat.

After you are done with cement work, put in the cultured stone, a layer of small tiled floor below the stove and for giving a more attractive and comfortable look tore out carpet and installed ceramic stone tile that resemble the barn-wood slats.

Fireplace Becomes Focal Point

First of all, to make it focal point you have to paint rock backing of the original fireplace. Then, frame the mantel and columns to look nice. When you are done with these main things go ahead to build and install the cabinets.

After framing the mantel, trimmed it as well. Use tiles to cover the hearth and mantel. Paint all the things beautifully. Make setup of electrical through the mantel and column.

This remodel will brighten your room and will make it more modern that your room will change from the look of 1960s to 2017. This will create a specific focal point for your living room with so many other advantages.

Fireplace Overhaul

For making changes in fireplace overhaul go with things that are very important. You have to add new insulation, drywall, radiant-heated floor, ceramic tiles, electrical and fireplace insert.

Do all the process same as the rustic stone fireplace. Consult with fireplace experts. Make sure fireplace inserts and flue liners installed by professionals. This full process will cost you from $5000 to $1000.

Craftsmen Style Mantel with Surround

You can remodel the look attractively with the involvement of woodwork and finishing. You will also go with tile work and metal work.

In metal work you have to perform welding and pounding the copper hood into shape. If you have a 1970s tract home but are in love with craftsman era, this remodeling is best choice for you.

Full Mantel Overhaul with Tile Front

If you want to change or remodel your fireplace from a 1950s California ranch style to a 1900s American Craftsman style, this project is best to choose.

It involves the design and fabrication of a new mantel for a fireplace remodeling. The wood used in this process should be cut from a large timber. To fill the bark edges cut the wood accordingly.